Term & Conditions

Terms and conditions: The term describes crucial demands associated with your usage of Kobo pro guide services. You chosen or begin with kobo pro guide website. Its in your best interest for reading these terms accurately prior you made decision to opt for our facilities because you apply for service plans we provide. We recommend that you must tap on I accept or Agree button only if you are fully gratified with our demonstrated terms. If you don’t agree with terms of usage mentioned below then it will be tougher for Kobo pro guide to offer service to you. In this manner, you can choose cancel or same button or showcase ignorance via other ways, and not make usage of the services. But, you can get our facilities if you subscribe to any of the plans provided by Kobo Pro Guide. The plans will be activated for a specific period of time. The organization does not warrant Refund of fees for it at all. If you fail to make use of the service amid subscription duration. For more details continue reading our T&C.

Details Collection And Usage

We are the prime holder of the details collected through website/phone/email at regular interim’s. Kobo pro guide ensures that no details get passed over to others as per this policy.

Personal Details

Sometimes we may need details which can recognize you, kobo pro guide want the same from your end. To get kobo pro guide benefits, you need to fill up the enrollment form by giving necessary information asked which comprise first and last name, E-mail address, Postal code, contact number etc. By using this essential information offered by you, we will reach you in regard to product or service you have asked for.

Website Regulations

With this legal terms & conditions agreement, we hold the right to end the agreement of those clients who mark false wordings with the organization rules. The mentioned T&C are applicable on every platform from apps to computer systems.

You are allowed to make use of any website service within the limitation of rules and regulations. The logical assets demonstrates that image, icons, symbols or any other visual content we developed on our website is completely our property and is secured by legal rules. Clients who get in touch with our service will be removed if they abuses or misuses any of our asset.

We are not responsible or liable for any response towards other third party website that connect you with other sites. You will be accountable for going through terms and conditions or privacy policies of other third party websites.

The details offered by you to public will be held by you. By accepting to our terms and conditions of our service, you cannot do any illegal activity on our website. We reserve right to every content, services and website.

You don’t have the right to make use of our icons, images, symbols or contents which is fully controlled by us.

The Terms Contract is outline to go as per the prescribed guidelines and if any one does not follow all these T&C, we have full right to remove such users.

This is clearly stated that you must enroll with us for making use of our services. It is mentioned that you must be at least 18 years old for entering into legal agreement with us.

Any condition which not taken care of and not followed then strict action will be taken with legal authorities.