Facing problems with your kobo E-reader or kobo won’t connect to wifi. In this blog post, you will get to know about the right techniques which will help you in solving issues related to Kobo Won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Therefore, this is important to install kobo devices in a perfect way. You have to follow every instruction mentioned in this blog post. if kobo is not connecting to wifi easily. Kobo comes in different kobo models and sizes with an e-paper showcase screen. justify

kobo won't connect to wifi

If your Kobo E-reader won’t connect to wifi. Then check for a few things specified below.

  1. Carefully and accurately enter the WiFi Name and Passkey while connecting your kobo to wifi.
  2. Therefore, assure to always input the letters according to upper or lowercase.
  3. Restart your Kobo and wifi router after turning them off for at least 10 seconds.
  4. Reset your kobo E-reader to the factory defaults.
  5. Update the software version of your Kobo.
  6. Try to connect kobo to wifi by going closer to wifi in its wifi signal range.
  7. If your kobo won’t connect to the Wi-Fi network while setting up your kobo device. Then, make sure to click on the re-connect option at the bottom of the screen panel to try connecting it again.
Kobo won't connect to wifi

Are you facing Kobo Won’t Connect to Wifi error on your kobo e-reader? If yes, Then, follow the most proficient guide for removing the Wifi issues from it. This issue occurs most often when you connect your kobo to wifi network. That is why, You are required to input the accurate wifi password while connecting your kobo device to the wifi. You can also get kobo help if it’s not connecting.

Kobo wifi issues

 Follow these steps mentioned below for connecting Kobo with Wi-Fi easily.

  • Firstly, Press the Home Button on your kobo.
  • After that, Press on the “Menu” option.
  • Now, select the “settings” option.
  • However, choosing the center of router alternative and choose wireless.
  • Known Network – Wifi with which E-Reader can connect easily.
  • Unknown Network – Wifi with which E-Reader has connected in the wrong way.
  • Choose the internet network you wish to attach with your kobo.
  • Now, Choose the main key of router settings.

kobo Password issues

If your kobo won’t connect to the wifi network even if you are entering the correct password. Then, you can tap on the “eye” icon to see if you are entering the incorrect wifi password or enter the upper or lowercase letters carefully to fix these issues. If still, you are not able to link your kobo to wifi internet. Then, you can contact kobo help support for  Kobo troubleshooting.

Kobo unable to find wifi network

In case you get a connection error with Wi-Fi where you cannot locate the network you require.

Here is some following the steps mentioned below:

  • Look that you are inside the distance of the network area.
  • Now check Network is accessible.
  • Confirming that router is supporting the device and is set on the 2.4 GHz.
  • Kobo E-Readers can associate with Wifi Network which is set as 2.4 GHz.
  • For accurately connecting your kobo to the wifi, you must obey the steps we have mentioned in this blog.

Check if your Kobo is located Within the Wifi Range

Every wireless network has a certain range. The network range is the amount of area in which you can connect devices with the wifi network.

A normal home wifi network could transmit the internet signals between the range of 100 and 300 feet.

If you will move outside the range of your wifi network your kobo will automatically disconnect to the wifi network. You will have to come inside the wifi signal range to connect your kobo to wifi.

Why your kobo is not connecting to wifi network:

  • If your wifi Internet is transmitting weak and irregular internet speed and signals.
  • Lower power supply or any other specific fault.
  • Hardware operating with a connection not working.
  • Your wifi internet network is turned off and not giving you an option to connect.
  • Test the wifi connectivity and speed on other devices connected with that same wifi network to check if they are getting the same internet connectivity problem as your kobo
Kobo wifi issues
Kobo is not connecting to wifi

In case, you receive a poor power supply or any kind of technical problem. At that time, devices operating on Wi-Fi networks will no longer be available. Your kobo device will not work properly, if it’s not connected to the wifi network. Therefore, you will not get the “connect to kobo” option and it will tend to showcase you a kobo won’t connect to wifi issues. In that case, You can also use other wifi supported gadgets such as smartphones or PC with Wi-Fi features for checking whether kobo connected with Wi-Fi properly.

Our kobo support team will fix kobo won’t connect to wifi issue. These methods will help you in fixing kobo if it does not connect to wifi easily. But in a situation where you attempted every technique and still not able to connect kobo with wifi. Then, You can easily communicate with our kobo technicians via live chat sessions for getting your kobo work properly.

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