Kobo comes out as an amazing reader for reading ebooks virtually. But sometimes it starts to face certain issues that need authentic Kobo troubleshooting methods for fixing such errors. Tablets from Kobo come along with e-paper display panels. On the least expensive segment, you can get basic variants such as Kobo touch, kobo mini, and Kobo Glo. However, if you want a good variant of kobo then you can choose kobo aura, kobo aura HD that comprises a bigger display. Through this blog guide you will get to know about the right ways which will assist you in fixing kobo issues, for instance: kobo wifi issues, kobo frozen, kobo software problem, etc.

Kobo Troubleshooting

You can easily fix kobo errors by performing a few important troubleshooting techniques designed for kobo devices. These kobo troubleshooting techniques will help you in fixing different issues properly. The three general reasons responsible for the kobo issues are weak wifi internet connectivity, Kobo settings or software not updated with the latest version, & hardware problems such as the kobo battery not holding charge.

If you want to troubleshoot your kobo device, Then, you have to check for these three factors first and move forward in the kobo troubleshooting process after that.

Kobo frozen screen

How to troubleshoot the kobo frozen screen issue?

We all know that Kobo is an electronic device that needs power and wifi internet to work efficiently. But, sometimes, its users start to face “screen frozen” issues on it. In that case, they have to perform a few kobo troubleshooting techniques mentioned below to fix this issue.

If you see your Kobo screen Frozen :

  1. Push down the power button of your kobo E-reader device and keep it pressed for at least 10-15 seconds.
  2. Now, your Kobo will automatically turn off.
  3. Now, turn it on to verify whether this fix works.
Kobo troubleshooting

Kobo black screen troubleshooting

When you face a black screen issue on your kobo E-reader. Then, the display of your kobo will turn black in color and it will not respond to you in the right way. In this case, you can start a charging session on kobo for at least 1 hour. This will surely help you in resolving the kobo black screen issue.

Kobo not charging

Most of the time, the kobo battery charging error happens because of the low battery percentage remaining. You must ensure that your kobo is fully charged and try turning the kobo device on and off at least once to fix this issue.

If turning the kobo e-reader on and off doesn’t fix it. Then, here comes a few kobo troubleshooting methods for fixing the kobo not charging issue.

  1. Try Alternative to charge your Kobo

  • If your Kobo isn’t charging, Then, Connect a micro USB cable to Kobo E-Reader and connect the opposite end of that micro USB cable to the PC. The PC will begin to charge your Kobo E-Reader.
  1. Restart your kobo

If you see your kobo device turning on when it’s charging, Then:

  • Press & keep your kobo’s power button pressed minimum of 10-15 seconds.
  • After that, you are required to wait for 5-10 seconds.
  • Just you did before, Press down the Power button of your kobo again and hold it for 7-8 seconds to restart your kobo e-reader device.
  1. Push down the Home Button on your Kobo

If you see any button on your Kobo device.

Just like the “Kobo Touch” device has a small button called “Home” below its screen panel. Then, You should always press that “home” key & make sure if your kobo works or reacts on it.

  1. Basic Reset your Kobo

  • Firstly, You need to launch the “home screen” of your Kobo e-reader.
  • Now, touch on the ” More” option located at the bottom of the home screen.
  • After that, Go to the “settings” menu by tapping on it.
  • There, Select the ” Device info” option.
  • Now, tap on the “Advanced” option and select the “Factory reset” choice.
  • Tap on the “Reset now” button to start the ” Kobo reset” process.

The above mention strategies will surely help you to remove the kobo battery not charging errors easily.

Kobo not charging issue

Kobo won't turn on Troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot kobo won’t turn on issue?

Is your kobo not turning on? Perform the below-specified methods to resolve the Kobo not turning on issue.

Connect your Kobo to the power source

  • If your Kobo won’t turn on, Then, you can connect it to the power. Sometimes, the kobo device does not turn on because of the low battery charge.
  • After that, you are required to Charge your kobo device for a minimum of 45 minutes to 1 hour before trying to turn it on again.
  • If the battery of your Kobo E-reader is fully drained. Then, connect it to the PC for charging it. After charging it for at least 40 minutes, try to turn it on again. If it shows you any light when you turn it on, Then, immediately connect it to the power source using its charger.
kobo won't turn on

How to connect Kobo to WiFi?

These steps will help you to connect your kobo to the Wi-Fi internet in a simple and easy manner.

1: Press Home Button.

2: Choose Menu Key and then select settings.

3: Choosing the center of router alternative and choosing wireless.

If the settings under Wireless Status are turned Off, click the center of the router key for turning it ON.

The kobo device at that point will look for the network available for wireless connectivity and provide every network in the list.

  • Known Network – Wifi which the eReader has connected in an ideal way.
  • Unknown Network – Wifi which the eReader has connected to in the wrong way.

4: Pick your Wi-Fi network from all available networks on your kobo and enter its password to connect kobo to the internet.

If there is a poor power supply or there is any kind of technical glitch, then devices operating on the Wi-Fi network will no longer be available for work.

Sometimes kobo does not operate in the right way if updates do not get installed on this eReader. or kobo won’t connect to wifi checks out the exact methods on how to fix kobo update problems for continuing flawless reading sessions.

How to Update Kobo?

Follow the steps below are considered as the exact answer for updating procedures to fix Kobo Software Update problems.

Begin Updating Kobo with Wifi by the following steps:

  1. Choose the “Home Screen” and tap on its settings on your Kobo device.
  2. Choose the  “About Kobo” option you see when you scroll to the bottom of that list.
  3. Click System Updates. A message check for updates will be showcased.
  4. Choosing the Check Now option.
  5. Make sure to follow every display step for completing updates.

If the steps mentioned above do not help in fixing kobo software update problems.

Well at that time you need to refresh kobo manually to fix the Kobo Update Problem.

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Kobo software update problem

Troubleshoot Kobo Update Problem on Windows

  1. Turning On kobo device.
  2. Connecting Kobo with USB cable to a computer.
  3. On Kobo device:
  • Choose to charge this device through USB Menu.
  • Beneath Use USB for, pick file transfer. A file transfer window will showcase on your PC.
  1. Now, tap and download files from Kobo Website.
  2. The next step includes renaming file download to Update.
  3. Double click for opening file transfer panel on PC and copy filename to Update on Kobo Device.
  4. Remove USB cable.
  5. Switch Off Kobo.
  6. Afterward, turn On Kobo and the Kobo software update problem will get solved.

Troubleshoot Kobo Update Problem on Mac:

The need is to have the latest the Mac OSx version such as 10.5 or higher for completing the steps mentioned below:

  1. Download and install Android file transfer app from android website.
  2. Open Android File transfer.
  3. Switch On Kobo.
  4. Connect Kobo with Mac by using USB cable.
  5. Choose to charge this device via USB option.
  6. Beneath USB tab, choose file transfer. An android file transfer window will get displayed.
  7. Tap and download files as per your kobo variant.
  8. Rename File Name to Update.
  9. Copying file to root folder of Kobo device.
  10. Remove USB cable.
  11. Switch on your Kobo device and restart it.

The kobo update problem will get solved once the device completes the restarting procedure. Now moving further, sometimes this fantastic E-Reader showcases login errors that spoil reading sessions. The presence of few kobo troubleshooting techniques for kobo help