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Kobo Factory Reset

Kobo Factory Reset

It’s true that kobo is one of the best e-readers available online in current times. It’s known to provide you the best book reading experience. But, do you know? what to do when your kobo starts to give you many kinds of errors? Don’t worry if you don’t know it, then, you can simply factory reset kobo.

Resetting your kobo is very simple and easy. You have to follow some simple steps to factory reset the kobo make it work in the correct manner. When you reset kobo, then, it removes all kinds of issues from the device and provides it an error-free functioning.  You can use a paperclip and insert it into a smaller open base of your kobo to reset your kobo e-reader device. The kobo factory reset takes it back to its original or factory settings.

Before resetting your kobo, you should know that there are only two ways to restore your kobo to the default settings. The first one is the soft reset and another one is the factory reset. Anyone who is facing trouble with their kobo device must follow the below-mentioned steps & methods for fixing the kobo errors.

kobo factory reset

Things to keep in mind before resetting kobo

If you want to factory reset kobo, then make a few things in your mind very clear.

  • The kobo reset will remove & erase everything from it. However, you can download all the lost content again from the kobo cloud if the content was purchased.
  • Remove the Bookmarks from the books only if the device is sync.
  • Sign Out from the account.
  • Follow all the instructions very carefully to complete the kobo reset.

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How to reset kobo?

  1. Simple Reset: A simple reset consists of the kobo rebooting. If you go with this simple reset on your kobo. Then every error will be fixed that harms your kobo device’s performance.

Steps to follow:

  • First, Turn off your kobo.
  • Now, you must press the reset button that is located near the power button at bottom of your kobo.
  • You can also use a paperclip for pressing the reset button until you get the click sound on your kobo device.
  • After these two simple steps, your kobo will start to complete the rebooting process.

Note: If a simple reset does not help you in removing the error. Then the power button of your kobo will blink the blue light twice and then again its light will begin to start blinking in dim.

  • Launch the home screen of your kobo e-reader device.
  • After that, you have to tap on the “More” option at the bottom of your kobo e-reader screen.
  • Push down the “Settings” option when it displays you the next screen.
  • Now, a list of choices will open up, tap on the “Device Information” option.
  • Select the “Factory reset” option by clicking on it in the advanced section.
  • Now, Simply tap on the “Reset” option to reset your kobo e-reader device.

You can start setting up your kobo again by following some simple setup steps, once your kobo reset is completed successfully. These were some important steps you need to follow to complete the factory reset kobo process for solving problems occurring with your device. If you are not able to complete the kobo reset through the above-mentioned steps. Then, you can opt for our kobo help by contacting us through the toll-free number or live chat option.

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